Hydrochemistry of use, ecology of lakes «Altyn Asyr» и «Sarygamysh»

Ch.A.Kuliev; A.Ernepesova

Hydrochemistry of use, ecology of lakes «Altyn Asyr» и «Sarygamysh»

Caspian Sea hydrochemistry and ecology of the Turkmen coast

Ch. A. Kuliev

Caspian Sea: hydrochemistry and ecology of the Turkmen coast

Development of chemical science in the era of great achievements and transformations 2011

This collection of scientific papers contains materials on the development of new technologies for the processing of oil and gas, mineral and hydromineral raw materials, as well as the results of scientific research on the production of new industrial products.

The collection is intended for specialists in the chemical industry, teachers, postgraduates and students.

Russian-Turkmen Dictionary of Chemical Terms 1993

The dictionary contains the most commonly used chemical terms in all sections of chemical disciplines: organic, inorganic, physical colloid, analytical chemistry, as well as individual terms in biochemistry, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Synthesis of cyclo alkyl aryl ketones 1997

The results of long-term studies on the acylation of activated aromatic systems such as phenols, cresols, naphthols, their esters and other aromatic compounds with chlorohydrides of individual naphthenic acids are summarized. The mechanisms leading to the formation of numerous products under the conditions of the Friedel-Crafts reaction are discussed. The analysis of domestic and foreign literature on this topic is presented.

Intended for a wide range of specialists in organic chemistry, as well as teachers, postgraduates and students of chemical universities.