Briquetted harmala

For a convenient and comfortable use of the harmala plant in the disinfection of indoor air by smoke, a technology for making briquettes from the mass of the plant, by pressing heat-treated raw materials under pressure, while preserving the original medicinal properties of this dried plant as much as possible, is produced for the first time.

Copper sulfate (fungicide)

Copper sulfate (fungicide) – is obtained from local raw materials. In our country, high-grade and first-grade copper, grades A and B are produced The technological regulations for copper sulfate have also been developed.

Fusel oil

Fusel oil is the waste of sugar and wine-making enterprises of our country. Various solvents were extracted and synthesized from it.

Bacterial agent from local raw materials

A bacterial agent made from local raw materials – Recycled from local raw materials and industrial waste. Its main components are fusel oil, mineral acids and urea. Its ability to destroy bacteria is very high.

Magnesium hydroxide from caustic dolomite

Magnesium hydroxide from caustic dolomite. – Caustic dolomite, obtained after heating and firing the dolomite at high temperatures, was treated with mineral acids and alkalis to produce magnesium hydroxide.

The purity of the products, the productivity of the products and the production technology have been developed.

Caustic dolomite gypsum

Caustic dolomite was mixed with sulfuric acid to obtain pure high-quality plaster. The obtained gypsum is fully suitable for use in the production of cement and building materials.

Magnesium hydroxide from dolomite

Magnesium hydroxide from dolomite. – Dolomite, one of the main local raw materials in the country, was treated with mineral acids and alkalis in the form of crushed ore from the Kelete deposit, and high-quality magnesium hydroxide was obtained

Alkyl-dez 1,0%

Alkyl-dez 1.0-A new antibacterial and antiviral chemical based on fusel oil has been obtained. It completely kills the strains that exist in our country. High quality product.

Chemically precipitated calcite

Chemically precipitated chalk (calcite) – Carbonate-containing rocks were extracted from local raw materials at high temperatures and obtained through several technological processes. The quality of the product meets the requirements of TDS.

Caustic dolomite

Caustic dolomite-Extracted from the Gaurdak-Koitendag limestone deposit (CaCO3). In limestone mining, the host rock (waste) is magnesium carbon dioxide (MgCO3-magnesite). During firing, magnesite decomposes into MgO and CO2. MgO and CaO are used as an anti-mixing agent in the production of ammonium nitrate.

Isopropyl alcohol from fusel oils

IPS from fusel oils-IPS was obtained by distilling fusel oil in laboratory and industrial conditions. The composition and structure of the resulting IPS are determined. The antibacterial agent IPS Steriderm was obtained, which gave positive results.

Magnesium oxide from dolomite

Magnesium oxide from dolomite. – Pure magnesium oxide was obtained from crushed dolomite. The quality indicators of magnesium oxide meet the requirements of the TDS. It is designed for the production of fire-resistant bricks.


The invention relates to antibacterial iodine-containing drugs that are used in healthcare institutions. For the purpose of economic and environmental expediency, the iodine-containing preparation is hydrolyzed, after treatment with the appropriate reagents, filtered, separated, and mixed with an iodine solution. The resulting liquid is brought to the desired volume and a product – iodimal- is obtained.